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Inner Alchemy with
Leah Schneider, LCSW

Psychotherapy and Wellness for Life

About Me

Since I can remember I've had a sensitivity to the human experience, the well being of others and an interest in improving overall health and wellness. Through experiences as an educator and health provider I realized that inner wellness is a key portal in overall well-being. I studied psychotherapy and Social Work at New York University and furthered my studies at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy in New York City. I continue to learn and grow in my work with clients in Private Practice as well as through training and personal experience. I have experience in trauma treatment, relationship issues, low self-confidence, depression, anxiety and chronic pain. In addition, I provide yoga and mindfulness-based interventions when appropriate such as gentle movement, relaxation and breathing techniques.

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What To Expect At Your Visit

Your initial visit is meant to get to know one another a bit, see if we're a good fit and get a sense of where you're at. I will assess for what you're looking for and what kind of services you might benefit from. For example, we will discuss how we can collaborate as a team to help you reduce your anxiety and consider ideas that may help such as breathing techniques or a thought journal.

"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek."

Joseph Campbell

Services I Offer

Specific to Your Needs and Interests

Individual and Couples Therapy

Improved Relationship with Yourself and Others

In therapy sessions we work as a collaborative team to address areas that prevent you from experiencing more inner-freedom, self-love and better overall mood. In addition we address areas that impact your relationships and prevent effective, flowing communication, love and affection.

Video Therapy

Services from a Distance and Your Convenience

I offer services to those who have trouble finding providers in their area or who simply prefer the convenience of their own home or specified site. This eliminates the stress of commuting and issues with accessibility related to mental health care.

Wellness Visits

Overall health and well-being

Identify areas of your life that could benefit from my services; physical, mental/emotional, nutritional, relationships, career and sleep. Discuss ideas and plans for helping to create more balance via one, more or all of these areas.

Contact Me

115 Charles St. 

New York, NY 11415


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More Background

My earliest memories entail my acute and innate sense of emotional states of others, the well-being of societies and communities and our impact on one another. I wanted to make a positive impact in the world and help heal social problems. 

Over time I realized, through my own growth and change process that I needed to start with myself. The same pain and suffering I saw in the world was a reflection of that within. I was only going to be of use to others so much as I addressed these concerns that I saw inside. This is a lifelong process and in my own self-development, I am able to offer more and more to the world and those in my life. 

Through this process, I was inspired to become a therapist and was offered a wealth of learning opportunities in Northern Wisconsin on an American Indian reservation, in various countries and in the last ten years, within a wide variety of communities in the wealth of diversity that New York City offers. I received my Master's Degree in Social Work at New York University, with specialized training in Mental Health and Addiction. Thereafter I voluntarily furthered my studies in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy at the Institute for Psychotherapy. I continue to gain breadth and depth of knowledge in my practice, and in various trainings. I utilize my background in yoga, wellness, mindfulness and education to bring physical, emotional, cognitive and psychological elements closer into harmony. 

I look forward to learning and sharing with you!   

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